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  • Against Translation (I)

    On the provincial reader.  “L’incompetenza totale offre a chi ne gode il vantaggio di potersi porre di fronte a un gesto d’arte senza pregiudizi o sospetti, come un innocente all’estero, docile solo al flusso primario delle emozioni.” Gesualdo Bufalino I have discovered in my catalogue of faith, a hidden conviction that has nourished many of […]

  • In search of time lost reading Proust

    There is a secret kept in the final pages of very long novels, whose taste can be described simply but its full force can only be understood by reaching them through the vagueries of whim, digression, appetite, humor and interruption, that is, through many accumulated sittings or as Aristotle seemed to have said about friendship, […]